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About the Arkenstone Alliance

Welcome to the Arkenstone Alliance

We are several Lord of the Rings Online kinships on Arkenstone that have come together in order to allow our members to communicate and play together, while maintaining our individual cultures and communities. Our goal is to provide a greater player base for raids, fellowships, PvMP, and fun activities, such as contests and races. We seek to promote a gathering of mature players that can help each other and learn from each other as we take on challenges offered by the game.

In order to accomplish these goals we have established a discrete in-game chat channel, built this site to schedule raids, share information, and foster a sense of community, provided a Ventrilo server to enhance communication, and formed a council of kinship leaders to discuss ideas, plan events, and address concerns. In addition, we have developed a set of guidelines available to all members in order to clarify expectations, create accountability, and mitigate potential conflicts.

This alliance was founded by Eternal Destiny, the Last Great Alliance, and the Nine Fallen Kings, but we are open to including other like-minded kinships.

Feel free to join any one of our kinships and then join this site! 

If your kinship is intersted in joining our alliance, please contact Mnimriel, Brumnly, or Tarcap.
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